Presentation Guidelines

Guidelines for oral presentation

Each presentation must be held in a time interval of 15 minutes. It is recommended to use 10 minutes for the presentation itself and 5 minutes for discussions. The following points should be taken into consideration when preparing an oral presentation:
– Ensure that you are present in the room at least 30 minutes before the oral session starts within the section you belong;
– The available equipment will be: PC and Projector;
– The programs used for presentation will be: PowerPoint or Adobe Acrobat (PDF).

Guidelines for poster presentation

Poster sessions will provide an opportunity for the authors to display the results and conclusions of the presented paper. The poster will be displayed throughout the posters session for your panel.
Size, shape and sending the poster
The poster presenting the work must be brought by the participants already printed. In case you cannot attend the Conference, the poster must be sent to organizers at least 10 days before the beginning of the Conference. To send us the poster, you can choose one of the following methods:
– Through the post service, already printed, taking into account the organizational requirements;
– Through email, made in Corel Draw accompanied by the paper in extenso. If you opt for this way of sending, you have to pay an additional fee for printing the poster, worth 20 €.

For the posters sent in the specified time, the organizers will seize any issues and they will communicate to authors any changes as well as the request of modification of the poster.
Standard dimensions of the poster are: A1 (height 0.80 m and width 0.60 m). The submitted posters that do not correspond in terms of quality (with defects: torn, stained, hole etc.) will not be displayed and the fee will not be refunded.
Each poster should be readable from a distance of 2 meters. Posters that are illegible will not be displayed and the fee will not be refunded. It is the authors’ responsibility that the posters are in accordance with the content of the paper.
The poster must be structured so that it answers the following questions about the structure of the paper:

  • What is the research topic?
  • Why was this aspect researched?
  • How was the research conducted (subjects, methods)?
  • What are the results of the research (results, discussions)?

Important and mandatory!
Each poster must include:
– A section with the title of the presentation;
– The name of the author/ co-authors, affiliation (institution, department).
Participants in the poster session can provide to the audience copies of a summary of the presentation or the full text of the work presented.
It is indicated that the presentation takes 7 minutes, as 3 to 5 minutes will be allocated to answer questions. We strongly recommend the presence of at least one of the authors at poster sessions, but this is NOT mandatory. Organizers do not necessarily request the presence of authors at poster sessions, but in their absence, we indicate sending us brochures with the full text of the presentation.

You can download the Template for Poster Presentation, in 3 different versions of Corel. Please chose the one suitable for you.




Guidelines for virtual presentation
The virtual presentation requires:
Contact: you must provide a skype ID. In order to do that and for any other information you require, please use the following address Also, as a virtual participant, you MUST be online 10 minutes before your actual presentation, in order to check the internet connection and to make necessary changes (volume, light, speed etc.).
Time: a virtual presentation will last between 10 and 15 minutes. We strongly recommend that you present the paper in maximum 10 minutes, to allow 5 minutes for eventual questions of the audience.
Paper: also, you need to send us a PowerPoint presentation of the paper you want to introduce to the audience. This is a mandatory requirement as we fully rely on technology within this session (Internet connection, in our case).

Important! The deadline for submitting PowerPoint presentations is 10 days before the Conference.

PowerPoint Template for virtual presentation is available for download here:


As alternative: in case you do not want/ or cannot attend a presentation through Skype, you can also send us (to the email address mentioned above) an MP4 presentation that will be run by our staff. The participants for the virtual presentation will be contacted by e-mail, in case of questions regarding the work presented;


Participants that submit papers whose presentation will be virtual (video format), accept by their submission, that accepted paper will be uploaded automatically on Lumen YouTube Channels, Lumen socialization networks and the Conference website. In case of disagreement with those rules, papers are removed from virtual presentation list and authors are invited to resubmit the paper within other manner of presentation.

Guidelines for Round Tables
A Round Table usually involves at least 10-15 short, linked contributions from different countries. When submitting the proposal for a round table, the nominator must have at least 5 papers (from 5 different authors) for proposal; he will make the selection of the rest of participants to the round table together with the reviewers of the conference.
The coordinator of a round table is also responsible for the coordination of the volume.
The proposal or participation to a round table is conditioned by registering to with a paper (different from that included in the Round Table) to one of the sections: oral/ virtual/ poster.
The papers submitted for a round table must be developed on the specific theme of each round table, as the papers published will be strictly correlated with this theme. The papers will be published in an extensive volume in one of our partner publishing houses for the round table section of the conference and not in the conference proceedings.
Normally, one presentation should last 8 minutes, allowing 10 minutes for discussions.