Aims & Topics | NASHS2015


Joint Scientific Event

Central and Eastern European LUMEN Conference: New Approaches in Social and Humanistic Sciences: NASHS 2015

11th-13th of September 2015


4th International Symposium: Interdisciplinary Aspects of the Researches in the History of Science Area

11th -12th September 2015

Chisinau, Republic of Moldova

LUMEN  International Scientific Conference is a multidisciplinary event, whose general objective is to promote scientific excellence, encouraging original research.

This CEE LUMEN International aims to highlight new approaches appeared in last decades in social sciences and humanities, aiming to bring together different research studies in social sciences which, through a rigorous and innovative methodology, to respond integrated to the need for innovation in these areas. The conference aims at presenting, disseminating and promoting international scientific research results, and increase the international visibility of research activity.

We aim at facilitating dialogue between practitioners, academics and students on current issues, affiliated to various educational and research institutions, facilitating dialogue in the sphere of social sciences and humanities, within Eastern and Central Europe space, with Moldova as a point of convergence.

There are expected papers in the social sciences and humanities fields, without being set a precise disciplinary border.There are expected papers to cover areas of interest and more. There are expected and encouraged the transdisciplinary approaches that overcome the existing cleavage between theory and empiric.

  • Social Work

Social work profession
Social work practice – participation and sustainability
Social work response to migration
Social work counseling
Strengths based social work
Social work and appreciative inquiry
Supervision of social practices
Professional ethics and social sciences
Ethics in social work practice
Human development
Social work and human rights
Phenomenological approach of the social
Identity, image and social cohesion
Deviance and social control
Elderly social work
Social entrepreneurship
Social inclusion of people with disabilities
Social marketing
Probation practices in contemporary world

  • Sociology

Collective behavior and social movements
Corporative social responsibility
Social security and public health
Sociology of marriage and family
Sociology of minorities
Sociology of population and migration
Sociology of religion
Sustainable social development
Political sociology and law issues

  • Methodology

Qualitative and quantitative research methods
Social sciences epistemology
Social semiotic

  • Psychology and Educational Sciences

International social development and education
Problem solving and decision making
Psychology of culture
Environmental philosophy
Social psychology

  • Political and European Studies

Political behavior and organization
Political philosophy
Social political movements
European studies

  • Law

Public Law (criminal Law, Criminal Procedure Law, constitutional Law, administrative Law, financial Law, banking Law, Public International Law)
Private Law (civil law, Civil procedure law, commercial Law, labor Law, family law, Intellectual property law, Private International Law, International trade law)

  • Communication

Social media
Media ethics
Organizational communication
Language, reading and communication
Business ethics
Business communication

  • Management

Business performance management
Communications management
Information technology management
Management of human resources
Marketing research
Strengths based management
Stress management
Supply change management
Migration of human resources

  • Applied Philosophy

Social philosophy
Research ethics
Philosophical counselling

  • Anthropology

Ethnic relations, human rights and collective good
Gender and human rights
Human rights and social equality


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