Welcome to the 2nd CEE LUMEN International Conference | MEPDEV 2016


Welcome to the 2nd CEE LUMEN International Conference | MEPDEV 2016

2nd edition of Central & Eastern European LUMEN International Scientific Conference is a manifestation with multidisciplinary character, whose general objective is to promote scientific excellence, encouraging original researches.

This CEE LUMEN International Conference aims to highlight and bring in debate the current frameworks of multidimensional education and professional development, under the considerations of ethical valuing, in a Central and Eastern European multicultural context.

We wish to bring together different research studies in social sciences and humanities which, through a rigorous and innovative methodology, to respond integrated to the need for innovation in these areas.

The conference aims at presenting, disseminating and promoting international scientific research results, and increase the international visibility of research activity.

We aim at facilitating dialogue between practitioners, academics and students on current issues, affiliated to various educational and research institutions, facilitating dialogue in the sphere of social sciences and humanities, within Central and Eastern Europe space.

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