Workshop | Strategic Highlights of Physical Education and Sports […]

Workshop Title | Strategic Highlights of Physical Education and Sports in School for Children & Youth

 Main Organizer Institution | Valahia University of Târgovişte

Co-organizers | LUMEN Research Center in Social & Humanistic Sciences, Romania & Valahia University of Târgovişte, Romania

Chair | 

Professor Phd. Constantin Pehoiu

“Valahia University” of Târgovişte, Faculty of Humanities, Department of Physical Education and Sports,

Professor PhD. Adrian Constantin Dragnea

“Valahia University” of Târgovişte, Faculty of Humanities, Department of Physical Education and Sports,

Overview |

The workshop aims to develop teaching strategies to initiate and deepen the model driving structures and initial selection for different sports.

Objectives are:

  1. Promoting good practice in skills training specific to physical education;
  2. To provide participants issues in the formation of working groups inclusive;
  3. Analyzing and transforming driving techniques and psychological assessment for human body;
  4. To learn techniques for designing and applying valuation models.

Many teachers use methods and techniques in teaching students organized indoor and outdoor sports, while developing the capacity of general and specific driving, which involves improving educational management. Skills training to practice a sport discipline or combined elements of eight building disciplines, or as combined ones (2-3 samples), involves both learning / training, and after acquiring a good capacity of own self in competitions.

Educational interventions aimed to questioning awareness and accountability by providing solutions based on learning activity being the student’s desire to conduct such desire, while the teacher offers guidance, advice and mediation.

Develop skills assessment standards specific motor sports disciplines involving evaluation systems and thus regulating feedback for future projections of the selection process of sports. Bodily-driving techniques and psychological evaluation covered in time selection conducted. Thus, stage I involves a series of steps aimed at health – optimal – physical development and motor skills base. The second stage is dedicated initiation into the practice of sports with its entire stock of means, methods and innovative techniques in order to accelerate and deepen learning. During the third stage there is allowed the learning specific skills that students differ on learning opportunities and the speed with which this is done. Going through these times will lead to differentiation of these students focusing either by participation in school physical education and sport, either by building capacity through training performance.

Topics | Physical education; sports; management; theory; teaching; evaluation.

Period | November 18, 2016

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