Workshop | European Union Policies of Health-Care and International Migration

Workshop | European Union Policies of Health-Care and International Migration (EUHIM)

Main Organizer Institution | Center of Post-Communist Political Studies (CEPOS/ CESPO), Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Craiova

Co-organizers | LUMEN Research Center in Social & Humanistic Sciences, Romania & Valahia University from Targoviste, Romania

Chair | Associate Professor, PhD. Anca Parmena OLIMID – Faculty of Social Sciences, Director of the Center of Post-Communist Political Studies CEPOS/ CESPO, University of Craiova. Contact: Phone: 0729025150. Email:,

Overview |

CEPOS workshop entitled “European Policies of Health-care and International Migration” will provide a forum of debates on relevant political, legal, social and medical headsets of the European policies and the international migration.

The EUHIM Workshop aims to debate on: 1) advancing a health care cross-regional model (HCRM) to conform t0 EU framework and the inputs factors of migration shielding the EU public opinion; 2) sampling the profile of international migration of Romanian doctors or health professionals early career: an early career satisfaction survey (ECSQ) of the medical migration and its motivations; 3) migrants and the right to health in European Union law: listing legal trends in EU’s system of migration (LAMAH Analysis); 4) managing institutional design and public policies in the field of health care services within EU governance and a content analysis of online news coverage;  5) swaying over medical services: an analysis of courier delivery systems and health care services. The primary focus of the CEPOS workshop is the validation (consideration) of the following sectoral advances of the policies of health care and international migration: policies, health, legal devices, management and economy, public opinion and press coverage of the phenomenon.

Topics | 

Policies of health care and international migration

Period | 17 November 2016

Registration | Please send your proposals at using the template from DOWNLOADS MEPDEV2016

Deadline workshop registration | Please see the conference deadlines