Call for virtual workshops

Workshops are associated events organized by research or educational institutions in one particular area of the conference. A Workshop should be constituted from at least 1 chair (who can also be speaker) and 5 participants. Workshops are open to large debates on chosen topic, starting from the presented papers. We encourage auditors to participate to discussions, even they are not registered with papers. The participation as auditor will be certified with certificate of participation.

A workshop proposal will contain the following: Workshop Title; Main Organizer Institution; Co-organizers; Chair (The chairs for accepted proposals will be included in the organizing team and will be exempted from fee participation; only one chair per session will benefit of exemption of fee participation for one paper presented); Overview; Topics; Period; Registered participants (at least 5 participants – full name, affiliations and contacts, proposals of presentations titles & abstracts – 250 words abstract limit)

We encourage researchers and scholars, who wish to organize Workshops on specific topics related to the Conference theme, to apply as Workshop Coordinator, and send us an application containing the description and other necessary details (using the Workshop-proposal-template). In order for a Workshop Proposal to be selected as an event within the Conference, the application must contain minimum 2 – maximum 4 presentations of different authorship, but no more than 2 presentations/(co)author.

The Workshops will be held on-line, via ZOOM. LUMEN Conference Center ensures technical support for approved workshops, which will be of maximum 40 minutes.

Send your proposal by e-mail at!


30 euro/presenting author

5 euro/simple audience

Pay Attention! Due to the transfer to online conference organization, materials available on Facebook and Youtube, including session recordings, will be available to a global audience and will remain online after the end of the conference.