Call for Papers

5th Central & Eastern European LUMEN International Conference New Approaches in Social and Humanistic Sciences | CEE NASHS 5th edition | 21-22 September 2018 | Hradec Kralove, Chzech Republic

This edition of CEE LUMEN Conferences is organized in conjunction with the 15th edition of Hradec Days of Social Work, a conference organized by the University of Hradec Kralove, Chzech Republic – Philosophical Faculty, in collaboration with The Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs of the Czech Republic, Centre for Investment, Development and Innovation & The Association of Educators in Social Work.

The 5th edition of Central & Eastern European LUMEN International Scientific Conference is a multidisciplinary event, whose general objective is to promote scientific excellence, encouraging original researches.
This CEE LUMEN International Conference aims to highlight and bring into debate the current frameworks in social sciences, with special emphasis on sociology, social work, education, social philosophy, law and communication.

There are expected papers in the social sciences and humanities fields, but not limited to:
Section 1 Social Sciences | Sociology, Communication, Social Work, Anthropology
Section 2 Humanities | Applied Philosophy, Ethics, Applied Ethics, Bioethics, History, Religious Studies, Language, Arts & Architecture
Section 3 Education | Psychology, Educational Sciences, Sport
Section 4 Political Sciences | Politics, European Studies, International Relations
Section 5 Law | Public Law & Private Law
Section 6 Economics | Management, Marketing, Economy
Section 7 Public Health & Medical Humanities

We seek to facilitate the dialogue between practitioners, academics and students on current issues, affiliated to various educational and research institutions, in the fields of social sciences and humanities, within the Central and Eastern European space.
The conference aims at presenting, disseminating and promoting international scientific research results, and increasing the international visibility of the research activity.

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